Brooke Halperin High Res28

Mommy of pyromaniac twins and a dramatic five-year-old son, the sex kitten wife of a loving hilarious man and a woman that has a sense of humor through the struggles and pieces of daily life. I’m sharing naked truth stories to find humor in my life while also bringing laughter and empathy to others riding the roller coaster they got on with the birth of a child. There’s a lot of complaining and some bitter women out there. I get it, life isn’t easy but it is what you make of it.

Between figuring out this mommy and wife thing while keeping up with the Joneses and keeping my Facebook facade one that others envy, life has been on one fast roller coaster with me cussing and hanging on for the ride. Now as my minions come into their own personalities, I’ve decide it is time for me to come into my own too sharing the horror story of it all through written words of humor and sarcasm, life’s best medicine, with anyone who wants to read it.

If you’re looking for real life, thoughts, laughter and encouragement you’ve stumbled across the right blog. Laugh on because you’re not alone. Or laugh at me to make yourself feel better. Whatever you choose, I hope you leave my virtual home with more of a chip on your shoulder.

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