Human Butterfly

What’s in a butterfly?  Transformation, one vulnerable yet powerful creature taking refuge and time in their own delicately crafted home.

Protected and nurtured from the outside world, the caterpillar is given the time it needs by nature and the universe to morph into it’s full potential.

Once the caterpillar breaks free of it’s cocoon, it has now transformed into another beautiful version of it’s original and powerful self.  Still the same at it’s core yet developed in ways to show it’s true brilliant colors in flight.

The process of the butterfly is natural. Intuition takes over as the caterpillar’s body flows with the rhythm it’s soul has been given. Because of this, the butterfly is truly developed. It has followed it’s own path and not the path of others.

Just like the butterfly, we as humans are given the same chance at transformation. Especially at this time of social distancing and self quarantine. As long as we follow our intuition and natural flow each of us will come out of this transformed. Our colors fully brightened and our wingspan broadened.

Yet, the opposite is held too. If we fight the flow and our natural instincts we risk never developing to our full potential. Remaining in a cocoon, of our own making, indefinitely.

I am reminded of this choice again and again as I question if my way is the right way for those in my care and home. Cocooned in my home like the rest of the world. Just as we are bombarded with information on what foods to feed our family, what plastics to drink out of, what beauty products to slap on, what diet trends to follow … we are doused with information on this worldwide virus.

What mask to wear. When to wear it. Should you wash your mail? Wash it with what? Visit a grandparent? Order groceries from here but not there. Stand six feet away. Don’t travel. “THIS”is RIGHT and “THIS” is WRONG. And just as we are given news report after news report of information, we also find ourselves swept up in a new whirlwind of social media comparison. Home school schedules, pantry organizers, kids in pajamas, parents in pajamas, DIY this, DIY that, chakra clearings, accept this ZOOM invite morning, noon and night …. what to do, what to do. All of it seeming so overwhelming.

The answer for each of us lies inside. Just like the butterfly, we can find the transformation in our natural instinct. Following our intuition on what is right for ourselves, our families and our homes. What is a natural flow for one human butterfly may not be the same for another. Each of our journeys different, each transformation personal.

As long as we stick to what is right in our own individual hearts and follow our own flow, each of us will be transformed for the better. When the time comes and this pandemic is put to sleep, each of us will be released from our cocoons. Each transformed.  Colors bright and wings spread.

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