Summer is Coming …

Summer is coming …

With summer only a day away I’ve decided to change-up my posting focus and schedule. With all three kids home 24/7 and busy schedules for not only myself but also my readers, I’ll be trying out some new ideas to bring some sort of organization to the madness. This article is to share these strokes of brilliance with you.

Summer is coming …

And so is the #ETHANproject and Mommy’s Yoga Challenge. And what the hell are those? The answer to that question will be found in the other two posts Enjoying the Here and Now (hence ETHAN) and  Mommy’s Yoga Challenge that were also published today. Just look for the one you’re interested and read up!  (You can find these in the home section of The Funny In Mommy blog, on my personal Facebook page as well as The Funny In Mommy page. )

Summer is coming …

Sprinkled among the predictability of these summer challenges will of course be some unpredictable posts. Having three kids and an inner control freak can only mean that I will rebel against focus and organization, taking the opportunity to word vomit all over the internet with my stories of being a messy wife, mommy and woman. So look forward to those posts as well. Also remember that you can always sign up to be notified by email when Funny in Mommy posts a new article. To sign up just populate the “Have posts sent straight to your email!!” box with your email address. Super easy, super convenient and super smart.

Get ready … Summer IS coming!




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