Legos Legos (F-ing) Everywhere

Taking a different spin on inspiration I asked my son what I should write about, he said a song about Legos. Wish granted.

Legos Legos (F-ing) Everywhere

Legos in my underwear

I found some in my bed

Your brother threw one at my head

Legos Legos stuck to my socks

Feeling like I am walking on rocks

I tried to hide your 990 piece case, but no matter what, you find my hiding place

I wish you’d get over this phase, maybe you’ll pick up making football plays

Legos Legos coming out of my (damn) ears

Little plastic blocks bringing me to tears

Legos green, red, blue and white

No matter the color of Legos, they cause you and your siblings to fight

I want to light these little squares of doom on fire

Fun for hours? Lego Company, you’re a liar

Legos Legos (F-ing)everywhere

2015-05-27 11.40.38

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