Do We Raise Rapists?

I have a little girl.

I have two little boys. 

I watch the Lifetime network. I have been to college. I read the news. I know rape exists. I know men rape women. I know my little girl will some day be a woman. I know there is the chance … I can’t even type the words. So what do I do? I protect her, I teach her to protect herself.

But what about my boys? I want to protect them too. I want them free of harm but I’ll be honest. Not once has the thought of how I will talk to my boys about rape has entered my mind. Why would I? My boys are by nature sweet and gentle, my boys will know. Or do they? Is it my job to teach them? To have this conversation?

Thinking of my little girl, thinking of all I see in the media, yes it is my job.

Yes, I will have this conversation of rape with not only my little girl but also my little boys one day. I will teach them to say NO when they are not comfortable but also to acknowledge when someone else is saying NO and are uncomfortable.

Take a look at what Anna Akana had to say on the subject. I’ll let you know that she doesn’t voice her opinion delicately to which I say “BRAVO ANNA, BRAVO!”

Anna Akana on How To Not Get Raped


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