I Have Fertility Issues and I am NOT Ashamed


This picture was taken in 2009 within days of a negative pregnancy test. The negative result was a fail to my hopes after my second round of infertility treatments. I was not happy here, I was sad but I was NOT ashamed. I felt alone, but I did not feel that I was to blame.

I have fertility issues and I am not ashamed.

Being ashamed would make me unheard.

Being ashamed would make my journey a secret.

Being ashamed would mean turning my back on the heartache I have experienced.

Being ashamed would mean that I was to blame.

Being ashamed would mean I am alone in my diagnosis.

But I am not alone and I am NOT ashamed.

My journey was and is real. Infertility is not fake, it is a disease.

One in eight couples face infertility. Usually these one in eight are quiet, sometimes even ashamed and therefore alone. I speak out not only for myself but also for their unheard pain. I am not ashamed of the problem, I am AWARE of the problem. I not only celebrate the birth of my eldest this month but I also celebrate National Infertility Awareness Week (April 19th -26th) to let others knows they are not alone.

I resolve to not let others facing #infertility to be left unheard.

I resolve to have my #infertility story be heard this year.

#NIAW Let’s spread the word.

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