Mommy is AnGrY and that chick is dead!


“I AM COMING! I AM COMING! I AM COMING! I AM COMING!” This is what I found myself yelling down the stairs to my almost five year-old in response to him yelling “MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!” as I was attempting to put clothing on my own body after putting down two stubborn two-year-olds for their nap. I mean give me a break! I was gone for literally 4 minutes and when I came down stairs he then asked me why it was taking me so long?!?

Mommy is AnGrY.

I just spent the twin’s entire nap making a baby chick out of craft items and his own house out of Legos while answering a question every 8.9 seconds.

Mommy is AnGrY.

My son won’t shut up about his chick so I can get something done. I do not want to talk about a chick made out of pompoms.

Mommy is  AnGrY.

There is smoothie smeared all over the ottoman. I’ll have to clean it before it begins to smell sour.

Mommy is  AnGrY.

My son just asked me to make a snack for his chick and when I said “No” he threw himself onto the table as if it was the end of the world.

Mommy is AnGrY.

The twins are fighting over 12 inches of space in our home (that is obviously bigger than 12 inches).

Mommy is AnGrY.

My son just asked me to play hide and seek with his chick while I am folding three loads of laundry.

Mommy is AnGrY.

We own around 73 Hot Wheels. Travis favors two out of the 73. Hailey just took those two off the couch and ran screaming from Travis as he broke down in an all out screaming-crying fit.

Mommy is AnGrY.

Travis in his Hot Wheels rage just ripped off the beak of the chick. That chick is dead. Braxton is beyond comforting. I am hot gluing the beak back on.

Mommy is AnGrY.

As the kids are eating dinner they are pretending to be chicks by making this obnoxious tweeting sound that is piercing through my brain.

Mommy is AnGrY.

After dinner Braxton picked on Travis by not letting him sit in a certain chair. Travis ripped the head off the chick. The chick is dead, I am hot gluing the head back on to the chick body.

Mommy is AnGrY.

I am eating dinner. Travis is standing by the toaster crying tears because even though he just ate dinner he wants a waffle. Hailey just spilled milk on the ground. I am making a waffle.

Mommy is AnGrY.

Hailey has seen the waffle and even though she doesn’t like waffles she is now crying for one too. She will not let me put it into the toaster. She is eating a FROZEN frozen waffle.

Mommy is AnGrY.

It is 5:57 pm. Travis just ripped the head and feet off the chick. That chick is dead.


2 thoughts on “Mommy is AnGrY and that chick is dead!

  1. Larry Keilmam says:

    Omg this was so hilarious. I love how you said your son has 73 hot wheels but two favorite an his sister took one of them… funny. Your an amazing writer. My fiancé and I love reading your blogs!!!! Keep up the good work!!!


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