E, I, E, I, O – Exhausted, I am Exasperated, I am Overwhelmed

E, I, E, I, O.

Every mommy knows these letters. I’m not talking about our faithful Old MacDonald but rather the days that the phrase “Exhausted, I am Exasperated, I am Overwhelmed” goes through our minds.

E, I, E, I, O with mommy here, and a mommy there.

Here a mommy, there a mommy, everywhere a mommy, mommy.

The month of February, though still young, has proved to be a time of E, I, E, I, O for me.

Exhausted from school drop off. Exhausted by the cooking and cleaning. Exhausted from being sick. Exhausted from playing catch-up from being sick. Exhausted by menu planning and laundry. Exhausted by  grocery stores and coupon clipping. Exhausted by early mornings on the treadmill. Exhausted by trying to do it all and not achieving my standard of it ALL.

Exasperated with the feeling that everyone else has it together. Bombarded with images and text, from Instagram to Facebook to my favorite magazines and grocery stores, of other mommies doing it all and then some.Exasperated with Pinterest boards, child rearing rules, Valentine’s Day expectations and standards of beauty. Exasperated with not only the pressure of being a mommy but also a woman and wife. Exasperated with not being able to vocalize my annoyances without being subjected to judgement and another set of rules. Exasperated with the E’s and O’s of E, I,E, I, O.

Overwhelmed with all the rules of what a good mommy is and what a good wife does. Overwhelmed by the sense of pressure to do this and conquer that. Feeling an overwhelming sense of mommy guilt. Guilt over not reciting the alphabet each and every day. Guilt over the pizza I served my kiddos for dinner. Guilt over not having my little girl in gymnastics or a one of the endless of activities that I feel everyone else in the world has their children in. Guilt over being too quick to bark orders. Guilt over feeling guilt.

The blame for my case of E, I, E, I, O falls on the cultural standards of what a successful mommy is and does. What that mommy says out loud and keeps to herself. Believe me, I have days where everything goes perfect and I feel on top of the Mommy Hierarchy but the days that I’m not hitting all the checks on the checklist  I’m not allowed to express the frustration. It’s so taboo to claim you are E, I, E, I, O when you are a mommy. Though going against the norm, my favorite posts on FB and fellow blog posts consist of raw material where the ups and downs of being a mommy are expressed and accepted.  

Taking a cue from these posts and articles I know that giving myself some slack and acceptance is a good place to start in battling the E’s and O of being a mommy.  What if I said F it to all the standards and rules set for a day once a week? Letting the house go to ruins, slept in instead of working out, let the children dress me and pick out the meals for the day, watched television instead of constructing and executing the perfect lesson plan, left the beds unmade and basically retaliated against the entire list of what I am supposed to be doing. . I’m thinking I’m onto something …

Stay tuned for future articles sharing my days of retaliation 🙂

E, I, E, I, O with mommy here, and a mommy there.

Here a mommy, there a mommy, everywhere a mommy, mommy.

Brooke Halperin Low Res23



3 thoughts on “E, I, E, I, O – Exhausted, I am Exasperated, I am Overwhelmed

  1. Heidi says:

    Brooke – You ARE doing it all and then some. You are so incredibly lucky to be home with your children in the most important times of their lives and that’s key. On top of being there for all three of them AND preparing meals, doing the shopping, the laundry, outfits and everything else you do for them is amazing. You have time for art projects with your kids as well which is the best. I remember being over there for Thanksgiving you had artwork that your kids did for that holiday all over the kitchen. That just one, multiple art projects. I thought, I wish I had time to do that, but I don’t. And I have ONE child, not three. My house is clean, the laundry is done, meals are prepared, but I can’t do it all because I have to work 30 hours a week. And I miss out on so much during those 30 hours. Instead, I see photos of my nanny posting pictures of the artwork she does with my son. And I’m grateful he is exposed to that, but heartbroken at the same time. Being a mom is no easy task as you know, but you have your shit together. You are a model mom. You should have ZERO guilt. Your kids are going to be amazing because you were there for them every single minute of the day. 🙂


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