I am man.

Mark Wahlberg 1

I saw a speaker 3 weeks ago. I entered a raffle there. I won a book. The book states 100% of men are visual creatures. On the other hand only 25% of women are visual creatures. After mindful reflecting: I am deep in the middle of that 25%.

I am okay with being part of that 25%. The other 75% claim they do not understand the man’s preoccupation with “pretty things”. I on the other hand do … so says the book.

I highly enjoy looking at pretty things. I love beautiful fabrics and clear skin. I obsess over organization not out of any type of OCD but rather because it is esthetically pleasing to my eyes. I am passionate about make-up, enjoy hair products, matching bedding, color schemes of rooms and our dog being groomed. I enjoy makeover shows for everything from houses to people to landscaping. I have been a faithful viewer of Project Runway since its first season in 2004, because I love looking at pretty things. I am attracted to them. I am man.

I enjoy Adam Levine not because of his voice but mostly for his looks. I didn’t turn off The Great Gatsby because Leonardo DiCaprio’s smile and blue eyes were enough to make me sit through three hours.  Thelma and Louise  was a good movie but what made it for me are two words: Brad Pitt.  I enjoy these men because, as the book states, I am man.

I was first attracted to my husband not by his humor or ability to carry on a conversation but rather what he looked like. Proof of this can be seen in the simplicity of our meeting: I saw a photograph of him, claimed my conquering of the 21 year-old man and set out to do so with no intention of having a relationship with him let alone marrying him and having three children with the person he was. After all, visual is all about the look rather than what lies beneath the exterior. Shallow? No, just honest, just following the animal instinct within. I am man.

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