#mommyselfie, I Dare You.


We are going to play a little game of Truth or Dare with a spin. This game means fulfilling a dare that shows the truth to the person we are.

This little game has developed through a spin-off on the idea behind I HATE selfies so I had 48 pictures taken instead. 

The rules:

1. Complete the dare of  taking a minimum of 1 (or maximum of three) selfies. Post these to Facebook in one posting (or 3 separate). Use the hashtag #mommyselfie.

2. Through the same post of your selfie(s) dare three other mommies to complete the challenge as well. (You can always copy and paste the link to this article for rules).

3. No kids or others allowed just your SELF.

4. Capture a selfie that is truthful and real.

5. Be thoughtful in choosing who you dare, make sure it’s a mommy that you rarely see a picture or post of her beauty come through on your Facebook feed.

20150121_085016 20150115_155911 20150114_094943

Hopefully you’ll find enjoyment and entertainment. I am laughing at mine as I write this. My selfies are of me (1) ready for a dinner with friends, (2) off to school drop off, (3) tired at 4:30 waiting for daddy to get home and (4) on a shower day … I am clean with hair and makeup done 🙂 Through my selfies I found that I own a lot of black, I can’t hide how much I despise school drop-off, I have more wrinkles than I remember and going out to dinner with friends makes me really, REALLY happy.

In playing this game, mommies from all walks of life, ages, and races from all over will be celebrated. A campagne to get more mommies in front of the camera like my dear friend Jenn Spangenberg seeks to do through her photography in Much About Momma Project.  We consistently capture the beauty of our children through the lens of our camera. Mommies are the ones that created that beauty, it’s time for that origin of beauty to shine.

Be on the look out for my selfies coming to a FB feed near you. You could be next … I DARE YOU.


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