I HATE selfies so I had 48 pictures taken instead.

Brooke Halperin Low Res30

I hate selfies.

I hate them because I’m not good at them.

I hate them because all I can see are my faults.

I hate taking pictures for all the same reasons.

As I shared in “I Confess”, one of my mommy resolutions was about getting in front of the camera more often starting with my own personal photo shoot with Pretty in Pics Photography owner Jenn Spangenberg.

Jenn amazed me and struck a chord when we got to talking about dreams and artistic passions. She confided in me that one of her goals this year was to complete a project titled Much About Momma. Here’s what it’s all about from the beautiful Jenn herself: So often, mommas are behind the camera, capturing family memories but not in the pictures.  My hope is to get these moms in front of my camera.  I want them to see the beauty that everyone else sees in them.  I want them to have images of themselves at this stage in their lives.  I want their children, husbands, and families to be able to look back at their beautiful mom and wife and remember these days.  I want this to be about THEM.  Many moms are so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget about themselves.  Or, maybe they think about it but feel too guilty to do something for themselves.  It is my hope that moms will take a little bit of time for them.  They need it in order to take better care of everyone around them.

When Jenn asked me if I would be willing to take part by getting in front of the lens I jumped at the chance in order to face my fear head on.

As long as I can remember I’ve never had a great self-image. I have the tendency to pick apart my attributes down to the smallest hair follicle. It is incredibly hard for me to look at a picture of myself without it getting me down in the dumps.  I came up with the solution of avoiding the camera in order to avoid the black cloud that fell over my heart when looking at a picture of myself. Then I spoke to Jenn. She made me realize that I was actually missing out on capturing memories that my children and generations after me would want  to see. And NEWSFLASH, I did NOT want my children to have this same fear of the camera or negative self-image. So I took the leap and headed over to Jenn’s for a morning of 48 snap shots.

Brooke Halperin Low Res41     Brooke Halperin Low Res04

Believe me when I say this was not easy for me. It took a nice long shower and some quiet time before heading over there to build up my courage. Thank baby Jesus that Jenn just “gets me” — she knows what to say and how to make me laugh. All together I was in front of her camera for almost an hour and a half but it felt like the camera wasn’t even in the room. This talented mommy of two little beautiful girls made me feel at ease and as if the camera lens was just an extension of her limbs as she carried on conversation after conversation with me about life as a mommy and a woman. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or shy. Jenn is a true artist of photography and the female heart.

Brooke Halperin Low Res05   Brooke Halperin Low Res28

My hope for all of you mommies out there is to get in front of that camera. Push away the negative feelings or the “busy” that fills your schedule through being a mommy and a woman. Take a breath and take a leap. Take that snap shot.

Please take the time to visit Jenn’s website, Facebook page and blog just out of support to a fellow mommy to celebrate her talent and all the beautiful mommies she will come to be capturing through her story. She is doing a selfless thing with her amazing talent and her beautiful, caring personality. If you find yourself thinking of a special mommy that you want to get in front of the camera, Jenn is currently offering a Mother’s Day special! (Contact her through her website and she will give you the details!)

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Thanks Jenn, you’re an amazing mommy and woman.


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