Yes, I still wear makeup for my husband.


Let me first acknowledge that many will read this post out of anger or stop reading midway out of complete disagreement. Also know that I am fine with that, I’m not writing for approval. I’m speaking to those that understand.

I still wear makeup for my husband.

I’ve known my husband since I was 19 years old. I have been married to him for almost seven years.  He has seen me with child or as a mommy for almost six. He has been witness to my evolution from sorority letters with short skirts to suit jackets with pencil skirts to maternity elastic tummy panels to, now, jeans and flannel shirts. He has seen lingerie, old ratty t-shirts, too snug bathing suits, fancy dresses, risqué Halloween attire and weird comfy non matching athletic wear.

After all these seasons of life and all these changes I still seek to catch his attention as if I were still 19.

I still wear makeup for my husband.

Of course through these transformations from undergrad to professional to wife to mommy there have been many, MANY days where showers are not a priority, makeup is a delicacy and anything besides a pony tail needled through a baseball cap is more than my mind could take BUT I still seek to turn his head.

I shouldn’t be surprised because it was such a point of importance while we were dating. I found triumph in him admiring my looks. Now older and wiser, I know marriage and a strong relationship are so much more than just outward appearances but I do know that it still includes being desired by the one that swept me off my feet so long ago.

Believe me my husband is not shallow and his love for me is unconditional, but I also know that he notices when I wear a skirt or when I wash and curl my hair. I put the effort in for not only myself but also for him.

Being a mommy makes this effort a million times harder than it was my junior year of college. But I truly believe that it means a million times more to him AND me when the effort is made. It makes me feel like a million bucks when I have my nails done, hair washed, makeup on and an outfit that requires a real bra and not just a sports bra.

I still wear makeup for my husband.

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