The Gift of Complete


On Christmas day 2012 we brought our newborn twins home from the hospital, making that day the most memorable gift I’ve ever received.

To begin, I’ve always had fertility issues so the fact that I’ve even been able to get pregnant with my three beautiful children is a gift from God in itself. I went through fertility treatments with my first son and with our twins I endured a series of three treatment rounds before conceiving my little bundles of joy.

We always knew that because of my situation and age that it was highly likely that we may have a multiple pregnancy. When we found out that we were pregnant after a successful injection and IUI round. An ultrasound was performed at 5 weeks showing two strong heartbeats. We were going to be a family of five!

In preparation for our twosome I scoured the internet for books and information on twin pregnancies, births and parenting. To my dismay, the twin books were filled with scary stories and cautionary tales of preterm labor, emergency cesareans and newborns spending several days, if not weeks, in NICU. My husband and I prepared as well as we could for the unthinkable.

On December 23rd, at a little over 38 weeks, I was admitted to the hospital and after three hours of labor I gave birth naturally to both Travis and Hailey. Each baby was perfectly healthy, I was able to hold their fresh little bodies and kiss their delicate heads within moments of their birth. No low birth weight, no delivery complications and no NICU stay. Cleared by my OB and the hospital pediatrician, we would be able to bring home the twins on Christmas Day to meet their big brother.

By Christmas Day Texas hadn’t seen snow yet that year but as we loaded the minivan with our precious double cargo, sheets of white fluff began to fall around us. Having grown up in the Midwest, both my husband and I missed the seasons, especially the white sparkles of snow. We couldn’t believe our eyes.  My husband drove our own personal “sleigh” through the empty streets toward our home where our first born was waiting in anticipation of Christmas and his new siblings.

We made the awe inspiring drive home with success and as I opened the door my little man jumped into my arms. We brought the babies in and nestled down into the cushions of the couch under the glow of the Christmas tree. Here we were, a family of five, after a long three years of infertility disappointments and a delicate pregnancy. We were all together, healthy and surrounded by love. At that moment I felt complete. That feeling was the best gift I have ever received and I thank god every day for that Christmas Day.

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