Two is not One.


Two is not one.

Two 2 year-olds are not one 3 year-old and one four year-old.

Twins are not siblings who are 18 months apart.

Twins are carried together in the womb of their mother the entire pregnancy. They share everything from the moment they are conceived.

Two is not one.

I cannot imagine not having twins. Having twins is a blessing. But raising two individuals that are exactly the same age??? that is a different story and a lot of work. But better me than you, God chose the Halperins to be blessed with these twins, knowing fully that our hearts, minds and bodies were up to the task.

Two is not one.

Twins are unique. Twins are special. Two times the little ones. Two times the love. Two times the stress. Two times the money. Two times the clothes, diapers, food, college funds and more all at the exact same time. Sharing milestones and golden birthdays together. My babies will one day go off to kindergarten, college and the real world at the same time. Though I am blessed, my heart aches at the knowledge that I will be hit with double the mommy heartbreak as my little birdies leave the nest at the same time.

Two is not one.

As my two approach two years-old in only two days, I celebrate their differences but I am also reminded of their twin-ness.

Two is not one.

The things people said during my pregnancy were idiotic. “Better you than me.” “I would die if I had twins.” “Bless your heart.” “How expensive.” “I can only imagine the stretch marks you’ll get.” “A boy and a girl, are they identical?” I lost count of how many strangers and acquaintances I wanted to punch in the face. I’m pretty sure the only person who should have been allowed some negativity was my eldest son who was bombarded with not one but two babies in the blink of an eye.

I still want to punch people in their face by the comments they make. After two years it still continues.  Twins are not children 18  or 13 months apart. So stop telling me your children are “like twins” because they ARE not. You did not carry them at the same time, birth them at the same time, nurse them at the same time, listen to their infant cries at the same time, carry their little newborn bodies in double slings at the same time, wake up during the night to two babies and not one, carry two infant carriers at the same time, hold two small hands at the same time, listen to tantrums at the same time, figure out nap schedules at the same time. Your children do not share the same birthday and every milestone. You do not have to figure out how to make each birthday special for each individual on the same day. Yes my daughter is smaller than my son and they do have different private parts and look nothing alike but YES they are still twins. One thing that I read a lot while carrying the twins is that no one really understands what it is like to have twins, the highs and lows, unless they have twins. This is the truth. Therefore, no matter what I write, unless you’ve had twins you’ll never understand the blessing and work they are. So please think before you speak. As for twins, treat them like any other child … a unique individual blessing.

Two is not one.

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