So This Parenthood??!!


After listening to John Lennon’s So This is Christmas, I started to think about my own rendition So This is Parenthood??!!

In future weeks to come (during and after the craziness and busyness of the holidays) I’ll be posting a series about parenthood in regards to what I thought it was prior to having little minions and what it turned out to really be. Some subjects will be marriage, pregnancy, self, daily life and what we miss from the “days before kids.” So be on the look out because you won’t want to miss out on these funnies and not so funnies of parenthood.

SO THIS IS PARENTHOOD??!! – The Funny in Mommy

So this is Parenthood?!?                                                                                                    And what have you done?                                                                                                   Another year over                                                                                                                      And a new one just begun

And so this is Parenthood                                                                                                         I hope you have fun                                                                                                                   The near and the dear ones                                                                                                The old and the young

A very crazy upbringing of little ones                                                                             And a happy new year of date nights                                                                             Let’s hope it’s a good one                                                                                           Without any fear or middle of the night tears

And so this is Parenthood                                                                                                   For weak and for strong                                                                                                       For rich and the poor ones                                                                                                 The witching hour is so long

And so happy rearing                                                                                                              For black and for white                                                                                                          For yellow and red ones                                                                                                           Let’s stop all the sibling fights

A very merry bedtime hour                                                                                                      And a happy new school year                                                                                          Let’s hope it’s a good one                                                                                              Without any fear or stomach bugs

And so this is Parenthood??!!                                                                                           And what have we done?                                                                                              Another year over                                                                                                                 And a new one just begun

I hope you have fun                                                                                                                 It will all be over before you know it                                                                         Eighteen and out of the house

But for now …

Sleeping in is over over                                                                                                          If you want it                                                                                                                        Send them to grandma’s                                                                                                       NOW…

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