Friday Funnies.


With all three of my minions waking up with snotty noses and rosy cheeks to match cranky winter cold attitudes I needed a reminder to laugh and to laugh a lot. Here are my Friday Funnies.

      • My ultimate favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorating my tree. I have a plan that involves placement of lights, how to unwrap and hang each ornament and do so all the while watching the entirety of Love Actually. My little ones had a different plan for Christmas Tree 2014. This year we would hang all the ornaments in clumps around the bottom of the tree, scream over the movie, dump the ornaments into the Rubbermaid container, throw the paper on the ground and run through it while breaking an ornament here and there. Sigh
      • This past Sunday Brax headed to church with me. After attending Sunday school he made his way back to me just prior to communion. As he made his way up with me, he stood before the Reverend took the bread he was offered and then headed over to the usher holding the little Jell-o shot like glasses full of juice. The man bent down and offered Brax the display. Rather than taking a glass Brax took his bread and dunked it into the middle two cups, pulling the bread up and sprinkling the entire tray with purple liquid. Then stuffed the bread into his mouth while saying “Thank you.” Sigh
      • I’m not sure why I think I can conquer a trip to Target with all three, but with it being only a small trip for a few items I thought it would be no problem. Plus I had a coupon for a free coffee from Starbucks. So after telling the kids to please be good because our elf, Jake, could see them from our house we entered the big red store. MISTAKE. Travis refused to ride in the cart and about every 3 minutes would stop mid aisle and lay on the ground. I had bought a can of Lysol that I had placed in the cart. While I was picking Travis up off the ground I heard the sound of an aerosol can being dispersed. There was Hailey sanitizing my whole basket of purchases. To end the trip with a bang Starbucks, the whole reason we even attempted the trip, would NOT take my coupon code. $3.10 for coffee. Sigh.
      • Being true to my pledge I volunteered for the church Christmas Sharing program. We put together two food boxes and three clothing/toy donation boxes for a family and this past Tuesday was the drop off date. I took all three littles with me to the church. Prior to leaving Brax informed me that he would be wearing pajamas all day and left the house in a mid-drift white tee, oversized Spiderman pants and clunky light up Superman boots hidden under his winter coat. On the way to the church it started to rain. Once I loaded up the Radio Flyer with our boxes I unloaded the kids out of the van. All three of course ran off into three different directions in the rain. I was able to herd the crew into the foyer and run back out to grab the wagon. Upon reentering the church I saw Brax had unzipped his coat and taken it off to show all his peek-a-boo tummy and amazing Tuesday attire. The twins ran through the hallway screaming towards a stack of donated toys. The older volunteers turned and gave me an understanding smile, they too had been in my shoes decades before. Sigh.
      • We’ve been struggling with Brax making it to the restroom in the early morning hours without wetting his bed. My husband promised him a prize if he were to make it Wednesday morning. He made it and Erik promised a prize once he returned from work that evening. All day Braxton waited in anticipation. When Erik walked in the door he pounced on him immediately about the prize. You could see by the look on Erik’s face that he had forgotten the 6 am prize conversation. Erik said that he would be right back and ran out to his car. Upon returning he produced Brax’s “prize” … a small tube of toothpaste he must have gotten at his cleaning a few days prior. Needless to say the look on Brax’s face was priceless and so was Erik’s story about how wonderful THIS toothpaste was. Sigh.
      • HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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