My Merry Men.


My husband has a lot to live up to in the month of December. The expectations that I have of him do not lie in the gifts he gives or the assistance he offers during the holiday gatherings we host.  Rather, my better half begins to compete for my admiration with a slew of other men. These male competitors, some alive and some not, make my heart swoon but in actuality I’ve never met any of these gentlemen in person. So who would these dapper dudes be that I speak of? Jim Hardy, Dudley and Dennis Morgan to name a few of the merry men, and of course the heroes of Hallmark Channel specials that steal my heart and have me day dreaming through stuffing stockings, wrapping gifts and trimming trees.

I’ll take Bing Crosby dancing and singing his way into my heart, gliding across the dance floor like butter in Holiday Inn. Cary Grant swooping into my home as a handsome sweet angel? Sign me up! I can play The Bishop’s Wife to have my hand held by that smooth talker. I’ll eat a plate full and then some of maple syrup covered spaghetti just to share the world’s best cup of coffee with Will Ferrell, my own personal Elf.  You don’t have to twist my arm to travel cross country to spend Christmas in Connecticut beside the fire with Dennis Morgan.

Don’t get me started on the men of the many Hallmark Channel holiday movies that run day and night in my home. Full of brawny males that give puppies along with spur of the moment trips to snow covered cabins. Romantic heroes that volunteer in soup kitchens while playing Santa in the town parade. What a 25 day spread of holiday cheer!

My husband being the good man he is, allows me my cheesy fix from November through January. He is game as I dress him in dark denim, heavy sweaters and boots. Plays along as I request to visit town parades, attend an ungodly amount of holiday events, fill our home with endless Christmas carol playing, while giving to the needy. He’s become my own personal tinsel hanging angel making my heart exclaim “It’s a Wonderful Life!” If things continue Going My Way I should be set for a Saint Bernard puppy and a Christmas in Aspen once the kids are all out of the house.

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