Which SNL Character Is Your Child?

grimley   peepers    swayze

In the recent months I felt a feeling of déjà vu when it came to my kiddo’s individual conduct and personality traits. I just couldn’t place my finger on it until recently while my family was over for Thanksgiving. Before our traditional game of Apples to Apples we all settled down in front of the fire for the SNL: Thanksgiving Special. As the opening credits began to play, it finally occurred to me where I had seen the conduct of my little ones before. It was then that I realized I have my own small cast of SNL characters right in my little Halperin crew.

Brax: It’s no secret that I am a holiday junky. I celebrate every holiday and then some. My husband can tell you that I have a decoration for each and a list of crafts to go along with every celebration. So it was a given that I would teach my children to do the same, however my first born has taken it to a new level. Braxton is always in anticipation of the next holiday, I’m pretty sure he has a secret party every morning upon waking just to celebrate the day (which is a pretty great quality to have). But this can get a little tiring for mommy, not to mention a little annoying. The endless “holiday” pictures, celebration treats and festivity extravaganzas are a little much, but I do my best to embrace his passion for celebrating and find the humor in this little boy’s madness for all holidays. He is in fact my little Ed Grimley.


Travis: Ever since he could mouth a piece of food, Big T has been shoving apples into his chubby cheeks. Devouring them like a crazed lunatic gerbil. Apple peels and pieces flying in all directions, then onto the floor and into my hair. Combine this apple indulgence and eating ritual with his emotional personality and you have got a small but mighty version of Mr.Peepers within the Halperin Clan.


Hailey: Our littlest minion is full of sass, a desire to be nude and dance moves that are questionable. Donning a mop of wispy hair that is constantly in her eyes and a rosy glow to her cheeks, her private dance recitals prove to be quite a show. The energy she exudes from her little roly-poly toddler body only builds as she loses herself more in a song as she moves across the kitchen or living room. Our little princess would have given Patrick Swayze a run for his money and would have surely taken him down with one shake of her teeny tiny diaper covered booty.


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