Thankful Journeys.


We are often not thankful for long journeys. A culture that thrives on instant satisfaction and the ability to get what we want the moment we desire it. However, some of the gifts we become most thankful in life are the results of long journeys and not even close to being described as instant. 

I am thankful for one long journey in particular. One mess that became three miracles. The long journey of infertility and the road that I took to having my three miracle babies. It was a journey that was filled with anger, sadness and joy. There was pain, physically, mentally and emotionally that has come to make me a stronger woman and better mommy.  

That chapter of my life was a lonely one because I never reached out. I never knew there were so many others dealing with what I was wrestling with. So now I reach out to others to let them know that they aren’t alone on their journey. I encourage these mommies to also reach out to make their mess their message, you never know who you’ll inspire, who you’ll comfort until you do.  

Today I say “thank you” for my babies and “thank you” to my journey. Please be thankful for your babies, big and small, those that are here or have yet to come or those who are in another place above. There are so many women struggling with the road to becoming a mommy, I remind you to be thankful for the road you have traveled.

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