It only takes a flick-er for thankfulness.


With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I guess I better start addressing the issue of thankfulness before my chance is gone. With my son we celebrate the season with a Thankful Tree constructed by his two little hands and big heart. In doing so, it also reminds me to practice gratitude each and every day. So today I take a leaf from my own thankful tree to share with you and to bring awareness to the story of a little boy.

I’ve been in a dark place this week when it has come to patience with my children. (Just a peek into what I’m talking about can be read here.) Today wasn’t much different. It was a race to get out the door and again patience was worn thin. As I was sitting in traffic I flipped on my phone to Facebook. The first feed I came upon was the sweet little picture seen above. Because of the picture I was reminded of a journey, because of that journey I was reminded of my thankfulness for my children and because of that reminder the black clouds that have recently fogged my gratitude began to clear away.

The picture was posted by my friend Kcee that I met through MOPS back in Texas. To sum Kcee up she is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, I have met. She has an open heart and a wonderful contagious laughter. Last year on December 23rd I was celebrating the first birthday of my twin babies. On that same day Kcee, pregnant with her third baby, was being relayed the news that her eldest little one, Flick, was diagnosed with leukemia. To fully understand the journey that this little superhero has been on you must see it through his father’s eyes in his written word at

I am thankful for God bringing Kcee into my life. I am thankful for her and Brian sharing Flicks story. I am thankful for her friendship and the woman she is. She makes me want to be a better and stronger mom  no matter how much patience I may have or not have. Though I cannot even begin to know Kcee’s inner struggles as a mommy and woman at this point in her life, I want her to know that in sharing her story and keeping her faith she has been an inspirational piece in my journey as a mommy. Thank you Kcee for the woman and mommy you are, and thank you for sharing your story because it only takes a flick-er to get a fire started.

So as Thanksgiving arrives, give thanks for your children and their health. Give thanks for the friends that become pieces of your life’s puzzle. Happy Thanksgiving Kcee!

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