Give me that piece.

puzzle pieces

It’s funny how the many puzzle pieces of daily life come together to create a bigger picture.

The first puzzle piece came on Friday when I was asked the question, “What gave meaning to my life?” Instantly my children flashed before my mind’s eye. My mouth answered “legacy” saying out loud what my heart-felt. I want to create a legacy that is laced with love and faith. My children are the vessels for this legacy, love and faith. They are what give me meaning. They, along with my husband, are what motivate and support me to be me while fulfilling my dreams and desires.

Another puzzle piece came early the next morning. I reread the article that I had referred to previously in Shifting and Adjustments. Since it took only one line to hit me hard, I wanted to know what the rest of the article had been about. And whadaya know? It was in my MOPS magazine written by their Director of Marketing and Membership Mandy Arioto and here is what I read, “Will you join me in choosing a brave? … It is the thing persistently trying to get your attention. The idea whispering to you in the most unusual places.” I knew what my braves were but was I brave enough to choose them and act upon them?

The next puzzle piece came shortly after.  Sunday morning came and the moment I rolled out of bed I knew I wasn’t going to church. Again my children (or at least the eldest) would prove to be motivation in another way.  After months of asking my eldest to come with me and being told “No thanks”, he asked to go that morning of all mornings. So I sucked up my, put my big girl pants on and said ok. We made it just in time to grab a seat and before I knew it Brax was off to join the other kids for Sunday school. Again, my brain turned to a sleepy mush as I slid lower and lower into the pew completely zoned out as the hymnals were sung. Then the sermon began, the reverend’s voice breaking through my daze.

Another piece of the puzzle was given.  Since I hadn’t been listening at all when the scripture was read I had no idea what the Reverend was referring to when she stood up to the podium and asked “What time is it?” I instantly had the fat fish from Bubble Guppies dancing in my head singing “What time is it?! It’s lunch time!” I’m pretty sure that’s not what she was talking about. But the words that began to follow her initial question hit home and hit hard. It was time to share. Time to begin life anew. Time to take a leap of faith. Time to act on whatever you have been muddling over in your mind and in your heart. Time to make your goals and dreams a reality.

It just so happens that for the last week my heart and mind had been mulling over two ideas that I kept putting off but losing sleep over at the same time. Each day both ideas would make their way into my thoughts, causing a restless feeling that I continued to push aside. Making excuses that now wasn’t the time or I was too busy with the holidays or my kids needed me too much at their current age. None of these were actual when it came down to it. I was basically being a coward, a hypocrite of what I preach to my family and everyone else. What was I waiting for? Why wasn’t I working on my legacy now or taking the motivation and support that Erik and my little ones were offering? Why was I being so selfish with the gifts and talents that I have?

As I sat there in that wooden pew, the pieces of the puzzle came together one by one. The pieces laid a pathway leading to a picture of what I should be doing and where I should be spending my time. Just like that my restlessness was laid to rest, my heart knew what first steps to take, which meant that the next steps would be close behind.

It’s been a little over a week since that puzzle came together. I’ve taken the first steps and I am working on following the next. It’s an uncomfortable but satisfying feeling, like wearing a brand new pair of shoes you really wanted. Tight at first and sort of wobbly, but once you get your footing and the fibers began to break in, it all becomes second nature, putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you’re not just walking but running.

In sharing this I am optimistic that my story will be a puzzle piece for one of you. A motivation that will inspire all my readers to strap on their goals and start those baby steps into making each aspiration a reality.

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