Just so Different.

NatureThe other day, during a conversation with other moms, if what you ate during pregnancy had an affect on taste preferences after the baby was born came up. I know for a fact that it does not. My twins have completely different tastes when it comes to food. One likes sweets, one doesn’t. One likes meat, one doesn’t. One likes fruit, one doesn’t. One likes veggies, one doesn’t. And the list goes on and on. Just so different.

During the afternoon of the same day, I sat with my three little off springs building and creating different towers with oversized blocks. When my eldest was a toddler he spent hours doing the same task. Now I’m lucky if I can get fifteen minutes out of the twins with this activity. Hailey spends countless efforts building tower after tower with each try being destroyed as her twin brother abruptly smashes the tower with all 30 pounds of his small frame. Just so different.

As I watched my twins build and rebuild, one differing aspect of their personalities shown brightly through as it usually does. The difference being level of anger. Hailey never gets angry. My littlest minion only shows a bit of temper when she either doesn’t receive her pacifier when she wants it or isn’t allowed to put shoes on the second she wants to. Travis, on the other hand, is quick to blow his lid. He gets mad over everything, usually displaying his anger through screaming, grabbing or throwing. His anger is never quiet. Just so different.

The evening of the same day I had a conversation with a delicate yet spunky elderly lady. She was talking about her grandsons. One is the speech writer for the General Surgeon in D.C. Very accomplished, very driven … obviously. The other grandson had quit his job to pursue his musical career… driven in a different way. She went on to say his music was pretty bad and couldn’t imagine what he was thinking. I asked if the two were brothers or cousins, she informed me that they were in fact brothers three years apart. I told her that answer made my head hurt since my two boys are two and a half years apart. This little old grandma said that the two boys had always been different. The speech writer had always worn a suit and tie all through high school since he was always shining in some sort of debate or public speaking extravaganza. It was the suit and tie that this grandson had chose to wear to his high school graduation. She went on to then say that the one thing she remembered about her other grandson graduating high school were the bright red plaid pants he wore while receiving his diploma. Just so different.

Here we are, all mommies, nurturing all our different little ones the same. Siblings under the same roof, hugged by the same arms, fed the same food, read the same stories, given the same words of encouragement and love … all the same but turning out just so different.

All the same love and care from the same mommy but natural tendencies and the individual makeup embedded by nature win, making all my babies just so different.

Isn’t the world a magical and beautiful place filled with just so much different.

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