Working for the Weekend

weekendWhen my twins were infants I sang them a different kind of lullaby, “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy. Odd choice, I know but I was literally working and waiting for the weekend every day of the week. I find myself still doing the same even though my babies will soon be toddlers and my eldest soon an elementary school freshman. I put such an emphasis on living my life on the weekends that I am wishing and fast forwarding the week days, losing out on precious times of opportunity to live and really enjoy my life.

I bet there are lots of other mommies out there doing the same. Whether a working woman or a stay at home woman, the majority are doing exactly what Loverboy belted about in the 80’s, just working for those two days of “freedom”.

Though Erik and I have regular date nights out, it’s probably been at least four months since we went out on a week night. I think my better half would fall over in shock if I suggested breaking our normal routine of our weekly nights in pajamas, folding laundry, Smartphone in hand, loyally watching our television programs. So, needless to say, our date nights always fall on a Saturday. Even my MOPS meetings are on a weekend day, because technically Friday is the start of the weekend in our MTV, media culture. We all grew up in an age of, T.G.I.F. But now as a mom, I’m even tired on Friday nights, finding it challenging to venture out on the kickoff day of the highly sought after WEEKEND.  Even if I live to be a hundred I will never break even. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out five days is way more than two. 120 hours is way more than 48.

So I began to really think about this moronic logic about living my weeks toward the weekends.

Thinking of when Erik and I have gone out midweek it was a breath of fresh air and a recharge that made me a saner woman and better mommy the rest of the week. As an added bonus there were zero crowds to fight and more of an intimate setting for our date, we could even make out in public if we wanted due to the lack of people present (don’t worry we didn’t)! One point for living for the week day. Zero for living for the weekend.

Recalling a relative’s visit, whether my mom, dad or sister-in-law, during the week it always made my life easier, in turn making me happier which rubbed off on my little ones. In fact, I don’t recall there ever being a witching hour or a Wednesday meltdown when these visits came midweek. Two points for living for the week day, zero for living for the weekend.

I then pondered the emphasis I put on freak show family outings on the weekend being perfect because, after all, there are only 48 hours, I didn’t want to waste a second on wrong only on right. Basically, my expectations were so high that I was dooming us before we were even leaving the house on a Saturday morning. What if we shook it up, throwing a family adventure into the weekday mix??? That would mean more days to get it “right” along with more time for precious crazy memories. Three for living for the week day, zero for living for the weekend.

Then there is the eating out, a break from slaving over the oven with three little minions biting at your ankles while simultaneously clawing at the pantry door to be fed NOW not in ten minutes. Since we only eat out once a week it is always a weekend thing, but when I recall eating out during the week it was a relief for me and a treat for the family, making all five of us full and very, very happy. Four points for living for the week day, zero for living for the weekend.

I could go on. But, I’m pretty sure that not wasting away five days of the week with my family to just actually LIVE with them on the two days of the weekend, would win no matter how long this article turned out to be.

Now the wheels are set in motion. I’m already planning a week day date night. Thinking of what adventure we can take the kids on during grandma’s next midweek visit. Scheduling a hair appointment for a Tuesday rather than a Saturday. Looking up the church schedule for week night services rather than weekend mornings. Texting a friend for a Monday mommy date night.

I feel another pledge coming on for the year of change. Let’s start working and living for EVERY day not just the weekends. Let’s challenge our husbands, kids and each other to shake off the dust of the week and the binds of the weekends, to break free of the calendar and start living every second of breath we are blessed with.

Everyone’s watching to see what you will do Everyone’s looking at you, oh Everyone’s wondering will you come out tonight Everyone’s trying to get it right, get it right Everybody’s working for the weekend Everybody wants a new romance Everybody’s going off the deep end Everybody needs a second chance, oh – Loverboy

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