As I write this Grandma is on her way to come help with the Halperin babies. Thank the lord for Grandmas. When we moved to Texas I only had Brax, then Hailey and Travis came and it added a whole new dimension to our lives. It wasn’t easy to get out and about, my sanity was tested and my personal time came to a zero. I was lucky enough to have Grandma (a.k.a. my mommy) visit every 2 months for a week at a time.  Now that we live only an hour away from the big G- Ma she comes every two weeks. Praise the lord and let freedom ring!!

To describe my kids adoration of my mom, if they were allowed I’m pretty sure they would make a shrine of knick knacks and candles around a life size cardboard cutout of Grandma.

When my mommy comes for her visits it’s as if Carebears and rainbows are holding my hands and I’m riding on a pony as I climb out of bed in anticipation of her arrival.  I am able to run errands without being charged for someone to watch my children as they are sleeping. I am able to lay in my bed without a child poking at my eyes. I am able to shower without six little eyeballs staring at me through a foggy shower door. When Grandma is in town, it’s like I don’t even exist, in a good way of nonexistent.  Not to mention that my mom is the “Halperin Baby Whisperer” and my freak show barely let’s out anything resembling a cry when she is around … apparently my children don’t know that I’m a direct spawn of Grandma and they should do the same for me. Sigh.

What’s best of all is that Grandma loves her grandchildren unconditionally and this radiates through her actions and words which my kiddos truly feel. This love nurtures and warms their sous. In turn, her visits nurture and warm my inner woman allowing me freedom from being MOMMY, even if it’s just for a few hours.




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