I hope I make them proud.

With All Saints’ Day upon us and the thoughts of loved ones that have passed, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve been shaped into the woman, wife and mommy that I am. Who from my past, that has passed on, has taken a part in this present Brooke and the Brooke that will be?

For me it would be my grandparents on my mom’s side. During this exact time of year I have the tendency to get into a funk because I miss them so much. My grandma’s birthday is the 4th of November and we celebrated the holidays, including Halloween, at their home. Though my grandparents have been “gone” since 2002 and 2005, I miss them all the time and think of them often.

During my childhood I spent much of my time at my grandparent’s home. Both my parents worked full time and with my grandparents so close and very much family oriented we spent weekends sleeping over and after school afternoons engulfed in the presence of grandma and grandpa.

When I reflect on the person I have become I see that woman being shaped and lifted by my grandparents. The things I have accomplished I would have not done so without their influence. I find the meaning of their lives laced through my actions and legacies. Even my bad habits and quarks can be traced back to living and learning along side my grandma and grandpa.

I love sweets like my grandpa. I want to make home cooked meals like my grandma. I love makeup and hair products like my grandma. I want to be smart like my school principal grandpa. I want to be an easy social butterfly like them both. I want my children to feel as loved as I did from their words and actions. I want to make holidays special like they did. I want a house spic and span like my grandma did. and the list could go on.

I hope I make them proud. Their lives continue to influence my actions and words. I feel them with me as I am now mother and wife. I know they are watching over me on my hardest days and celebrating with me on my best days. These two amazing individuals shaped me in the past as I grew from a little girl to a teen. The lives they lived and the love they shared shape the woman I presently am. All this easing my heart to know that my future self will be one that my present self will admire as long a I follow the shaping my grandparents have left with me.

Who lives on in your actions? Who made a difference, shaping and lifting the person you are? Who can you celebrate with your actions?

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