Friday Funnies

My family may drive me crazy but without them my life would be a bore. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our silly and sentimental moments. Here’s mine for the week:

1. Brax has a weird sense of repurposing the most normal item. Amongst my Halloween decorations was a pumpkin Pez dispenser in it’s case with three small packages of Pez. He found this item on Sunday.  For the last week has not eaten them but has built a race track and Spiderman house, used them as money and created an assortment of different colored patterns on paper. I would have just eaten them. The boy is weirdo genius, or just a weirdo.

2. During Brax’s visit to the dentist the twins occupied themselves with chapsticks from my purse. They each ate half of one chapstick while I was standing not even a foot away watching Brax in the dental chair. Way to go mom.

3. I learned my lesson and will never again cut Hailey’s bangs on my own. Let’s just say a pair of hair scissors and a 21 month-old sitting on a bathroom counter is not an ideal situation.

4. I HAD to get milk so I HAD to go Target. Taking all three kids I thought it to be a good idea to get them a snack at the beginning of the journey. I must have had a mental lapse because this was a terrible idea. They chose popcorn. After leaving thirty minutes later I’m pretty sure the Target clean up staff was kept busy for the next hour.

5. I have faced the reality that Travis, though a twin, has MCS, middle child syndrome. Having MCS makes him prone to public outbursts and tantrums. Always a good time. This week as we left the library I needed him to put back the puzzle he was playing with. Rather than simply handing me the puzzle and retreating to the minivan he looked at me, picked up the large wooden puzzle and threw it with warp speed across the room hitting the checkout desk with a loud rumble. He then proceeded to throw his body on the ground  and scream bloody murder. This in turn made Hailey cry. I had no choice but to semi drag both twins down the hall to the red Exit sign as I balanced an assortment of books under my arms and purse. To put a cherry on top of the situation, Brax exclaims “I want a new toy.” To let everyone, who is now staring at this scene, know I’m mom of the year I respond, “And I want a new car.” Never a dull moment.

6. I recently bought the kids new bath crayons. The other day I threw all three kids in the tub and let them go to town. In order to not have water all over the bathroom I close the sliding door (don’t worry, I can see them and hear them just fine). After the twins had their splash session I slid the door open to wash three little heads. The walls looked like a murder scene with red bath crayon scrawled across every inch. But do you know what each one said? It was the drawing of  heart with MOM next to it. I have yet to wash it off and love the 20 something heart MOM reminders that I AM doing a good job.

7. Hailey loves ears. I can only imagine that she will get each lobe pierced a minimum of 5 times when she is older. This week she has discovered a new game. While sitting on my lap she gently inspects each ear with earring and whispers “Oooo-eee.”

8. A new routine that my kids love is climbing into our bed 30 minutes before their bedtime. The first 5 minutes consist of screaming, jumping and ripping the blankets off that I had so carefully made up earlier that morning. But the next 25 makeup for that 5. For 25 sweet blissful minutes the three lay in bed with me. Their little heads resting on my tummy. Their chubby fingers in my hair. Their warm breath on my skin. Their love all around me.

9. I woke up at 6:13 am on Sweetest day. As I reached to grab my phone my hand grazed something warm. It was a cup of Dunkin Donuts sweet coffee goodness. Erik had left early that morning and got me the most thoughtful gift I have received in awhile. (Read of my addiction here).  Little things like this make the world go round.

10. Erik is a big supporter of most things I do and recommend. However he can be skeptical of some of my health research and practices. But this week he proved to be on board when he listened to my advice about garlic and your immune system. I told him of my findings that taking a garlic clove would boost immunity during cold season. He felt something coming on so he decided to give my words of wisdom a try (even though I had never practiced the garlic clove thingy myself.) I read you swallow a clove whole with OJ, he read to mash it up and put it on a piece of bread with butter. So at 9:45 pm he chose the bread and butter vehicle. To make a long story short, 24 hours later at 9:45 pm he still smelled of a small Italian eatery. The things you’ll do when listening to the ones you love 🙂

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