Go Away New Friend

I don’t understand the whole fascination my littlest boy has with his “little friend” whom, in order to not offend the faint of heart, I will refer to as Peter.

For some reason Peter has made his presence in our home very well known in the last month or so.  Ever since my youngest boy, Travis, discovered Peter it’s been an all out of the pants friend. I never had this issue with my eldest, Brax, so I’m not sure how to handle this or what to do.

It all started a couple of weeks back during an after bath “air out” naked time when Travis had a bit of a diaper rash. It was as if Travis had found the Holy Grail. He ran through the house with one hand in the air and the other on Peter. He screamed with delight as if he was completing some sort of marathon in first place. I consider my children funny and strange so I thought nothing of it. Then the next day he insisted taking his diaper off and proceeded to do his streaking run in full enjoyment through our home.(He must really be taking my previous post about wanting my children to accept themselves completely to heart). Again, I put a diaper on and put him to bed. His preference of nakedness began to appear during the daylight hours and not just before bed. He would argue and throw tantrums just to get free from the elastic and cushion of his Pamper Cruisers. At one point I went in to retrieve him from his crib and found him diaperless with Peter in hand. This has happened on two more occasions since.

Then while on vacation I got an email from my mom (who deserves saint recognition for watching them) that Travis was refusing his diaper and running around the house, one hand in the air and the other with Peter. She didn’t know if he was in pain or had a rash, what should she do, she asked. Great. So I then had to explain to grandma that this was just her grandson being himself.

Thinking he would lose interest with time I kept correcting him through his tantrums and refusals. Persistence and patience is key right??? But then things have moved to a whole new level. In the last week he’s done it twice in public. The first time was a disaster because after refusing to listen to me about putting Peter away, Travis proceeded to pee all over himself and the ground of the library. Are you serious???

What started as a one child situation is now catching like wildfire. Monkey see, monkey do should be the motto for twins. The situation with Peter proves true in this scenario because now Hailey has insisted her diaper also be taken off if her brother is lucky enough to do so. Then my 4 year-old, who is supposed to be the example of good behavior, has caught on to the trend. Thinking it’s ever so funny to run around the house naked. Now it’s turning into a whole other horrible situation because Travis is grabbing not just his friend Peter but also Brax’s. There is no safe place because at times this is also taking place in the bathroom.  This means that a clean up crew (also known as Mommy) is needed if Travis finds his way into the bathroom as the same time as Brax. And for those of you who are Moms of boys know that keeping the toilet clean is hard enough.

Now what am I to do? It’s bad enough taking strong minded twins along with their testosterone fueled 4 year-old brother out in public but now I have to deal with streaking in the process? All I can honestly think is thank goodness the Duck Tape brand has come out with an assortment of colors and textures, because my children will now be wearing it as belts and additional waist attire. Maybe even Duck Tape mittens for Travis. (For those who take words literally, don’t worry I’m only kidding).

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