In the story of the chef I spoke of yesterday the reverend depicted another scene. After choosing the easy route of making the dessert and being called out on it by a colleague the chef walks out of the restaurant. As he looks up to the large clock that looks over the town, an inscription under the face reads “A time to do well”.  The chef takes it as a life sign and a direction to take. He decides to make a truer commitment.  Again I am faced with my own questions of if I am fulfilling a commitment? Am I living fully?

When we wake we are given each day. With that day we are given choices. Choices to make new decisions and to take new directions. It’s never too late to change our minds. When we start saying yes to a new beginning we start welcoming a richness to life as well. Taking this to heart I know that I need to make a truer commitment. I’ve been given this life of love and happiness, what can I give back? To whom do I give back to?

Opening a door to an unknown choice is scary and I worry what change is on the other side. I feel restless in my heart and know that opening THAT door to a new direction is the answer to bring peace to my inner noise.

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