Funny Fridays

Finding the funny in being a mommy. I’ve decided to make Fridays a day of rejoicing in the funny (even the crap that didn’t seem so funny at the time) of the week. So here we go:

1. Brax sleeping in just a white undershirt, undies and Spiderman leg warmers.
2. Realizing Brax wore the same leg warmers to school under his pants and to the park.
3. Ripping a hole in the ass of my pants at the park and having to walk all the way home with part of my butt cheek exposed.
4. Attending library story time with all three kiddos and as all the kids participated in listening and dancing to the “scarf song,” Travis stood in front of the group completely still with a scarf over his head for 3 whole minutes. Creepy or funny???
5. Travis getting so mad at Hailey he took her by both top of the head pig tails and pulled as hard as he could.
6. While Braxton peed into the toilet Travis grabbed at Brax’s “little guy” which caused pee to shoot up at Travis and all over the bathroom.
7. 30 minutes after giving the kids a bath and blow drying Hailey’s hair, as she at down to eat dinner she took the gravy on her plate and raked it through the left side of her face and hair. WTF???
8. Getting an email from Brax’s soccer coach informing us that the team sponsor would be treating the kids to Dairy Queen after the Saturday game. His sponsor is a dentist … hidden agenda???
9. One of the rare times I showered and was standing in front of the mirror applying mascara I hear Brax yell “Mom, Travis is standing on the table!!”‘

As a follow up to yesterday … the mom of the little girl was not at drop off or pickup, it was the dad. I should have FOR SURE said something on Wednesday. Hopefully I will have the chance to extend a friendly greeting in the near future. Everything happens for a reason, right?

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