I should have said something …

When I picked Braxton up from school yesterday there was a mom crying. I noticed it as I entered the room. She was by herself and was covering her face as she leaned down to speak to her little girl near her cubbie. Her face was full of pain and her little girl looked wide eyed and confused. The woman hugged her little girl close and kept smoothing her hair. It’s been bugging me for the last 24 hours. I was going to ask her if she was okay, put a hand on her shoulder to let her know that I was there. But I didn’t. How foolish. I just let her go on hugging her little girl and as they walked out she carried her in her arms to the car. I wonder what was wrong and hope and pray that it isn’t too serious. I should have said something, sometimes us moms just need a reassuring voice or a look to know that someone is there and sees us when we are hurting. I hope to see her tomorrow. To ask if she is okay and also a selfish part of me wants to be reassured that in seeing her and her little girl that whatever was wrong isn’t completely terrible and that they are there to have a “normal” day. I should have said something. Damnit.

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