What does bravery mean to me?

What does bravery mean to me? Bravery through self-acceptance in all facets of life. Brave enough to accept comfort in our own skin no matter the shape and size. Self-acceptance in our thoughts, those that are kind and those that are harsh. Self-acceptance in the words we pass to loved ones, especially our children. Every screenshot of social media and page of popular magazines tell us that we should feel no shame in saying no to others but saying yes to ourselves takes a little more… A little more weight loss, a little more lipstick, a little more leather and silk, a little more toys and activities for our children, a little more furniture in our home and a little more house to hold more things. What if we all were brave enough to stop saying yes to “a little more” and started accepting things the way they were. To be brave enough to be happy with what we have and who we are in the moment rather than looking to the “little more.”

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