Mom Community

Being a mom puts you into a community of other moms. These other moms can be great while others can be just down right mean. It’s like belonging to the world’s largest high school clique or college sorority. I read a quote in a magazine yesterday that describes these friendships perfectly “There are friendships for each season of life. Sometimes when these seasons end, the friendship ends too. And that’s alright.”

After having the twins a whole new season of life started for me. A season where I became not only the mom of twins, but also a mom of three and a mom of not only boys but also a daughter. This season was accepted by some but rejected by others. At first I thought there was something wrong with me, then feeling hurt I of course said “WTF, something is wrong with them!” But now I have learned that there is nothing wrong with me and there is nothing wrong with them. The seasons are changing in my life and that IS OKAY. Rather than dwell on what I felt had been lost, I am embracing what I had found. I now know to treasure those past friendships and those experiences. They made me a better person and a better mom.

Now as that better person I am embracing those who have now come into my life to join me in THIS season. Living in the present rather than the past. People move in and out of our lives, that’s what growing is all about. Growing is a beautiful thing, not a thing to admonish.

The wonderful thing about the mom community is that for each “season” as a mother, there are others who are in the same season or have been there. You can look to those who are in the same walk of life for connection and for those who have been there, for inspiration. But do not forget to be there for others…. those other moms who have yet to come into season and that will look towards you for inspiration, but also those moms who are walking alone in the same season you are standing in.

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