Little Taunting Creature

I had read about twin skin but didn’t think anything of it. It was described as skin that had lost elasticity due to the stretching your abdomen goes through when growing and carrying two little spawns of love. I should have read more closely, I should have took precautions, because guess what? It does exist. This creature doesn’t appear after delivery or even at your 6 week postpartum checkup, nope it rears its’ ugly head about 9 months to a year AFTER giving birth to two bundles of joy. It comes about after your hormones are done riding their rollercoaster and that beautiful pregnancy glow has gone MIA. It’s there in all it’s deflated glory, hanging over the tops of pants when you sit down. Pressing and poking against the material of your shirt, shouting and yelling to strangers “Hey look at me!!” like an attention starved debutant. No diet or exercise will make that sucker disappear because it isn’t fat, it’s broken in and worn out skin, like your favorite pair of jeans. I fought that little jerk so hard, applying special lotions and potions, pinning special exercises all over my “Body” board, searching Dr. Oz’s website like a lunatic for remedies, even wearing the Belly Bandit for 9 straight months every night I slept. To my horror, NONE of it worked! NONE of it made that little man go away! As I sit here right now he is riding along in my favorite jeans with me.  So you know what? I have come to terms with that little creature, taunting me in the bathroom mirror, saying hey in the reflection of the grocery store window. I have come to terms with him because, like my favorite pair of jeans, he is worn from love. Developed from the creation of two amazing babies. Stretched by the nurturing of two little marvelous bodies that I cared for and carried for 9 months in my belly. So I will take that twin skin and it’s quilted stretch mark mass and wear it with pride as I squish him between myself and two little bodies that I hug with so much love that cannot be contained by heart or stretched out skin.

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