New Year, New Resolutions, New FB Annoyances

How do I feel about reading ALL the triumphant 2014 resolutions on FB? … I focus on my even-steven approach … I ate chocolate M&Ms in the pantry ALONE yesterday and then ate rice chips after 7 pm last night but I did work out this morning. I hid in the laundry room from my kids but did so while making sure Brax’s favorite shirt was cleaned for school and his favorite PJs were washed to wear for the14th night in a row. I gave runners the evil eye while taking B to school but then pinned inspirational exercise quotes on my Pinterest board. I chewed sugar free gum with all it’s toxins but did so while making homemade whole grain pancakes for the twins. I drink well over my body weight in water but do so while counting the minutes until my hair appointment this weekend where she will coat my scalp in toxic goo. I rolled around in the grass with my kids and let them pull my hair out of it’s pony tail while they laughed with glee and then threw a microphone at my nose. When I yelled out in pain they cried but I scooped them up and kissed their noses. I bought Hailey a pink chair at Target on Monday but sold a baby swing on Craigslist last night. I sang Jingle Bells with Brax as we brushed our teeth this morning but did so while day dreaming about date night this coming Saturday night. Pretty successful 2014 … beat that Triathlon runners and juice cleansers.

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